The Design Consultation

In order for us to be able to create a totally unique garden that reflects your aspirations, we ensure that we take the time to fully understand you and your style preferences. At Llevelo, this means starting with a Design Consultation.

The Design Consultation is a two phase process which starts with an initial site visit. During this time, we will conduct an in-depth review of all aspects of your dream garden as well as discussing themes and styles.

We take time to explore the garden and get a feel for how the space can be developed and optimised. We are highly experienced in understanding the impacts of each design decision which allows us to deliver beautiful yet practical gardens.

Penelope Walker garden design consultant. London Essex and Suffolk.
Llevelo Garden Design. Award winning garden design across Essex and Suffolk.


Additionally, we will look to establish details such as how much time you have to spend on the garden or whether you will be employing a gardener. This means that we can ensure our designs closely mirror your tastes and will be manageable for you after we leave.

The Site Visit is followed up by a detailed report which reflects the preliminary Project Brief. The Brief is an invaluable document which details your initial requests for your new garden as well as how we intend to deliver on these. This is a thorough report which also includes images with explanatory notes so that you can really get a sense of the direction we would take your project.

Lastly, the report will include our Design Fee proposal. We work on a flat rate fee basis so that you have a clear understanding of the design costs at the outset.