The Site Survey

Measuring Up

The reason that the site survey is so valuable is because of its precision. Later on in the design process when we complete the specification for the Presentation Plan, we will be quantifying the works required for the Contractors to provide a quote. An accurate survey allows for more accurate specification and therefore more accurate quotes. It also means that should you decide to seek multiple Contractor quotes, you can be confident that these will be comparable. The survey also reduces the chances of ‘unexpected’ costs during construction.

We then build on the survey by returning after it has been completed to complete our own analysis of the site. We will look for details such as wind tunnels, frost pockets, views to be embraced (or hidden!) as well as how we can go forward with an ecologically responsible design. Retaining mature trees and hedges for example is not only beneficial to wildlife but it also means that your ‘new’ garden will have a level of maturity that money can’t buy.


TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY SAMPLE - Llevelo Garden Designers London Essex Hertfordshire