Project Monitoring

Eyes on the ground

Our designs are thorough and comprehensive and we ensure that all details are covered making the process of bringing the design to life as straight forward as possible. However, as with all large projects, it is advisable that the roll out is managed correctly.

We offer a Project Monitoring service to assist our clients in the management of their garden build. This includes regular site visits with follow up reports detailing the progress of the works. The benefit of this service is that you get an experienced, independent ‘set of eyes’ on the construction of the garden.

Garden Design Project Management and Monitoring by Llevelo Garden Designers London Hertfordshire Essex Suffolk

The service also includes design revisions. The need for this can arise when unexpected issues arise during the construction of the garden. Due to the nature of building gardens, the need to make revisions can occur if something unexpected is discovered during the construction phase. For example, during excavation perhaps some underground cables are discovered and it is then necessary to adjust the design to account for these. We will be able to advise on the best options in such a scenario and reissue drawings, as necessary, in a timely manner so as not to cause any delays in the garden build.

We are highly experienced in managing garden build projects and have a clear understanding of the time lines as well as which contractors are required to complete the work. Co-ordinating several different contractors can be time consuming and frustrating if you are not familiar with the processes. Our Project Monitoring service includes a clear time line of events, liaising and organising the schedule of the all contractors as well as ordering features and furniture. Allow us to take away the hassle of implementing a large project so you can enjoy the process of your garden transformation.