Planting Plans

The design service will of course include comprehensive Planting Plans which account for your taste, the site conditions (soil type, aspect and exposure levels are all considered) and the amount of time you will have to tend to the garden.

For us, The Planting Plans are one of the most exciting phases. Plants are transformational in making your new garden feel like a luscious and tranquil space.

There are a few key principals when it comes to planting and we follow these religiously!

Firstly, we ensure that our designs have an element of successional interest. This means that as one plant is going over, another is coming into bloom to take the focus. It is possible to have colour all year round (even in winter) and makes your garden a joy to look at no matter the season.

Garden Planting Plans by Llevelo Garden Designers London Hertfordshire Essex Suffolk


Evergreen structure is another biggie for us. Plants that do not lose their leaves act as a real anchor in a scheme and provide rhythm to long borders.

Flower form is also critical. By this, we mean features such as the architectural detailing of the foliage for example. Foliage remains long after flowers have faded so it’s vital that plant looks good when not in bloom.

Plant repetition is also a key principal we follow closely. Repeating the same group of flowers throughout different areas helps give your garden a natural yet stylish look. Our bug bear is without doubt a garden of ‘onesies’ which looks fussy and uncoordinated. Whether contemporary or traditional, plant repetition is invaluable in creating a cohesive beautiful planting plan.

Small Garden Planting Plans by Llevelo Garden Designers London Hertfordshire Essex Suffolk

Our Planting Plans ensure that plants are clearly labelled using their botanical and common names with quantities allowing for the work to be completed by any quality soft landscaping contractor. Our plans work on a ‘to grow, not to show’ basis. This means that the plans allow for the natural growth of a plant either to maturity or to their five year spread, whichever is sooner. Consequently, once the plants have established, you will have beautiful looking borders with plants that are correctly spaced as opposed to overspending in the beginning and finding yourself removing plants that are too crowded or have not performed due to lack of space.

You will also be provided with a detailed list of all plants, quantities and sizes as well as imagery. The intention is that our planting design is as clear to you as possible before ordering.