The Need for Privacy


A sheltered space

This modern farmhouse near Colchester had been built centrally to the plot of land and the 'garden' was primarily lawn and a few trees but lacked structure and flow.

Surrounding farmland meant the site was extremely windy despite the large conifer hedges on all sides (as a hedge will only reduce the impact of wind by no more than double its height and less if there's an incline).

The clients typically used the rear entrance due to the access to the garage. This entrance led into the kitchen so views from here were particularly important.

However, the house has clear views of the garden and surrounding fields in all directions including views of the neighbours' barns to the south. The open nature of the entrance gate also meant the clients felt exposed when on their patio area. The hard landscaping (patio, pathways and drive) was to remain as is.

There was a level change of approximately 1000mm from the gate (top left) to the vegetable garden (lower right), although this was gradual. We decided to level the 'front' area of the garden and created steps to counter this on one side but used a hedge to counter the height difference on the other.

Key Features:

  • Pizza oven
  • Raised relaxation area
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Curve based design
  • Copse