The Narrow Garden

This unique space in the heart of Chelmsford, Essex measured an incredible 69m (226') in length by less than 14m (45') in width. Furthermore, the husband and wife had quite different tastes.

He was looking for the more masculine presence of crisp lines and strong geometric shapes. She was keen on a softer approach with curves and a space to grow a few things.

Having both recently retired, they wanted a garden which they could spend time in together. They also had a large family and wanted to entertain guests including small children.

We decided to divide the garden creating a garden of two halves. The front half reflecting his wishes whilst the rear catered to her brief.

The presence of a hedge in the centre meant that this unique space would 'conceal and reveal'.

Few other neighbouring gardens had the same length and its not the size you expect to find in a city. A stepping stone style path leads the eye from the kitchen door to the small gap in the hedge which takes you to an altogether different space.