The Country Garden

This large garden set in the heart of rural Essex was a blank canvas when the client purchased it. He quickly set about installing a patio but poor workmanship meant that, five years on, the paving slabs were loose, the joints needed repointing, the decking was rotten and dangerous, the self binding gravel was covered in moss and the water feature was broken.

We were asked to assist in an overhaul. Starting with the paving, we debated ordering completely new slabs but the cost was significant and the existing sandstone was salvageable and in keeping with the house.

We advised the client to clean the slabs and use a quality landscaper to cut these to a uniform size. This meant the joints could be tighter leading to a more contemporary finish. The pavers cleaned up beautifully and the joint space was reduced from 50mm to 5mm.

The decking was abandoned for clay pavers laid on edge. A small detail on this was to source some hand made clay roof tiles which were laid between the pavers and slabs. We designed different patterns for differing areas to add a subtle yet interesting details.

The design is always in the detail. The finish is determined by the skill of the landscapers.

We suggested removing the water feature completely which sat at odds with the nearby hot tub. The location was perfectly inline with a large window and suggested installing a mature small tree which could be appreciated from the front of the house. We sourced a lovely multistem Osmanthus fortunei Aquifolium and oversaw the complex logistics of transporting this to its remote new home.

The planting also underwent a partial overhaul with crowded and tired plants being transplanted or removed completely. The new planting complemented the existing established shrubbery and was suited to the dry conditions for which East Anglia is known for.

Finally, we designed a lighting plan to show off the architectural shrubs and the new tree. The lighting sensor is set to automatically switch on the lights at dusk and the lights are all LED and have low running costs. Illuminating the garden at night means the client can enjoy the garden from a whole new perspective from the house.