Designing a large garden

Designing Large Gardens

Llevelo Garden Design were pleased to be appointed to design this large garden near Braintree in Essex. The clients were keen to include a swimming pool, entertaining area, tennis court, kitchen garden and yoga studio. They also wanted some fresh ideas. We suggested features such as a fire wall and outdoor cinema area.

The client requested a modern style of garden design. This had to be in keeping with the rural landscape. Llevelo's design focused in blending contemporary with natural for an elegant garden which was harmonious with the undulating land.

A modern contemporary entertaining area was positioned adjacent to the house. With a pool house and gym within easy access, this central area had to work with both buildings whilst also being an interesting and beautiful terrace in it's own right.

The space oozes with style near the house whislt areas further a field are in keeping with the rural landscape

Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

At one end of the main terrace, Llevelo have designed a smart outdoor kitchen and dining area. Informal seating will be positioned near the kitchen to allow the clients to enjoy talking with their guests whilst easily preparing food. The outdoor kitchen will include features such as a generous sized grill, pizza oven, fridge, sink and storage areas.

A nearby dining area will offer additional seating when the clients host larger groups. A fire wall will bring ambiance once the day cools off. A second nearyby fire pit offers a social space in this large garden for end of the evening enjoyment.

A large greenhouse is in the centre of a kitchen garden. Raised borders show how vegetables can be grown in the garden. A clay paver path adds character.

The Kitchen Garden

Still within easy access, Llevelo have designed a kitchen garden. The space is generous and will offer several raised beds. The clients plan to grow their own vegetables, fruit and cut flowers too.

A large greenhouse is pivotal to the design of this traditional kitchen garden. We will install electricity and wifi to the greenhouse allowing the clients to spend the entire day here if they wish.

A comfortable bench sits beneath a pergola with climbing roses on it. Archways of trained fruit trees lead to either side of the pergola. The bench faces out to a smart vegetable garden with a sculpture.

A sculpture will offer a focal point from all areas within the kitchen garden; aligning with the two entrance points it will be easily spotted as soon as you walk into the garden.

Along one side of this kitchen garden is a pergola structure. Espaliered fruit trees will be trained over the arches to create a fun and unique feature. In the centre will be an informal seating area which will offer a partially shaded spot to retreat to.

The garden will be enclosed by a simple wicker fence which will allow views out to the remaining garden as well as views in when passing by.

Large Garden Features: The Tennis Court

The home owners were keen to include a tennis court. Llevelo positioned this in a blind spot from the house. Including the tennis court at a lower level allows it to be less visible from other areas of this large garden. A seating area next to the tennis court is softened by elegant planting.

An overview of a large garden which includes mature trees, an orangery, wild flower meadow, a moon gate, a kitchen garden and a chicken coop
Pretty plants fill a border next to a tennis court in a private residential garden in Essex. In the distance, a moon gate leads to another part of the garden.

A moon gate in the distance leads through to a wild flower area. There is a bespoke water feature in this garden which acts as a focal point.

Connecting the different areas of the garden in a seamless manner is essential. Additionally, several large trees on site will be retained; partially for screening purposes and mainly, of couse, to preserve the existing ecosystem as much as possible.

Large Garden Features: The Swimming Pool

The main terrace area is to include a good sized family swimming pool. The client wants to reguarly host friends and family and this space will be a great area for everyone to enjoy.

A cantilevered platform will overhang one corner of the swimming pool. An elegant day bed will nestle amongst the planting. Lighting will give a subtle uplift to the platform for the 'wow factor' to be really appreciated at night.

Subtle lighting will be installed under a cantilevered platform to create evening 'wow' factor

A contemporary swimming pool in a garden with sun beds and sun loungers. A cantilevered platform hangs over the swimming pool. A luxurious day bed is surrounded by planting.

Arrival Impact

Creating a sense of arrival is crucial to any home. Llevelo have designed the front of this private home to ensure that there is a sense of elegance without the garden design being in competition with the house. The home and garden should work together in harmony.

We have chosen evergreen cloud pruned trees which will be underplanted by low grasses for textural interest. The main feature for the front garden will be a water feature. An elevated water feature with a fountain will be surrounded by architectural planting. The planting here will of course balance out the planting in the rest of the front garden.

Spring bulbs will be planted for pops of colour early in the year. Hedging will create privacy and security to other parts of the garden.

Next Steps for this Large Garden

Works have commenced on the garden build. The project construction is being phased and we look forward to updating you with images as each area reaches completion. Llevelo offer a Project Monitoring service which means we can carefully co-ordiante between contractors and our client.

If you're considering how best to move forward with your large garden then please get in touch!

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