A Kitchen Garden

When we first visited this garden, it was an unused area which was tired and joyless.

The client wanted to do 'something' and had an idea about a greenhouse. We explored the options including a party garden and a family space but eventually came back to the greenhouse being the focal point.

This section of garden was comparatively sheltered with an existing Yew hedge at one end. Therefore, a small area to sit was important. We balanced the space by making the greenhouse and seating area balance one another.

A central clay brick path emphasised the sight line with a small water feature balancing four planters containing fruit trees. Gravel was introduced to break up the brick work and leant itself to that traditional look.

Whilst edible plants such as artichokes, apple, pear and bay trees were included, the importance of being able to sit and enjoy the space meant we planted for summer colour also. Warm yellows of Achillea and hot oranges of Crocosmia work in harmony with the hard landscaping.

The layered detailing was subtle so, all the while, the majestic greenhouse remains pièce de résistance.