Our Approach


Garden design from start to finish

Thinking about your garden can be a daunting and time consuming task. Here at Llevelo Garden Design, we are experts in understanding your style and needs. We then deliver a bespoke garden to match. Our creative approach to design leads to a truly transformational garden. There are several phases of any large project. We split the process of Garden Design down into manageable sections, enabling maximum transparency and effectiveness.

Garden flower tunnel


Getting to know your project

The site survey is a garden analysis phase where we record all measurements and existing key features and details. For larger sites we suggest a more accurate site survey with a professional Topographer, and we will advise you if this is required at the quoting stage. Llevelo can then arrange the topographers as part of the Design Service (if one has not been completed already).

For smaller sites we will complete the survey ourselves. Soil samples are also collected to ensure the planting design is suitable and that plants will thrive for years to come.

During our first meeting, we will work through our questionnaire to ensure we fully understand your style and needs. We take time to learn what you're inspired by, be it a contemporary landscape design, garden architecture, or a modern Mediterranean garden. Taking this time to fully grasp your preferences and the practical details is crucial. Details such as how much time you have to spend on the garden or whether you will be employing a gardener means we can ensure our designs closely mirror your tastes and will be manageable for you after we leave.


Creating a framework

The Outline Plan shows the basic layout or structure of the garden. Getting the flow of the space right for your needs is crucial. We consider all details, from vistas, the location of features and focal points, to how the eye is drawn and how the foot follows.

A garden should persuade all visitors to just take one more step, and our garden drawings show how this will happen. No matter the style, the basic framework of a space dictates how the area is used and also sets the tone for the hard landscaping details to result in a beautiful landscape.

We make good use of imagery at this stage to ensure our vision matches your taste. Additionally, all work is completed via Computer Aided Design (CAD), enabling 3D visualisation.

Once this has been approved, we will then focus on the details of the design.


Planning the layout

Our garden presentation drawings are detailed plans to scale which show the proposed layout as well as hard landscaping materials, accompanied by a Scope of Works.

The CAD allows for a high degree of accuracy in quantifying the work, enabling in turn for more accurate quotes from suppliers and landscapers.

We will order samples if available, and we can discuss the advantages and drawbacks of different finishes, allowing you to make a clear and informed choice.

Bespoke features require Visual Intention Details with suggested construction plans. Non-bespoke plans will suggest to Contractors what to build to.

IV. Planting Plans

Populating the garden

The design service will of course include comprehensive Planting Plans which account for your taste, the site conditions and the amount of time you will have to tend to the garden.

Plants are clearly labelled using their botanical names with quantities allowing for the work to be completed by any quality soft landscaping contractor. You will also be provided with a detailed list of all plants, quantities and sizes as well as imagery and hand drawn illustrations. The intention is that our planting design is as clear to you as possible before ordering.


Breaking down the finances

Once all plans are signed off, we start costing the full build (hard & soft landscaping) to provide you with a Fee Proposal. This allows you to see a detailed breakdown of the finances of the build, letting you decide how to proceed. We only work with professional sub-contractors who are members of BALI or the APL so you can be confident in their expertise.


Overseeing the process

All our plans meet industry recognised standards, enabling a good contractor to complete the build from the plan. However, if you would prefer us to be involved in overseeing this process to take the administration away from you, or simply be on hand for unexpected developments, then we are happy to do so.

We will liaise with contractors, conduct regular on-site checks and be on hand for any questions or unexpected issues. The latter can happen, for example when excavating ground, and issues may arise which could not have been foreseen at the survey stage. In addition, we will co-ordinate sub-contractors and ensure there is clear communication with all parties involved as well as ordering any features or furniture required.

Whilst we are happy to recommend contractors to complete the garden build, we have worked with client requested contractors very successfully. Our professional approach to oversight ensures gardens are built to specification and all are clear on the process of this.

VII. Planting

The finishing touches

Llevelo Garden Design offer a planting service to take delivery, set out and plant up our gardens. Fees are based on a daily rate and a quote will be provided ahead of ordering.

We are proud of our work and enjoy seeing the projects evolve from concept to completion. We have excellent relations with our wholesale nurseries and know our plants will be quality stock. All our plants are sourced from reputable growers, and we are currently working on a solution to ensure all black plastic pots are recycled (these are not currently recycled by local councils). Last year we recycled over 4000 pots!

VIII. Aftercare

Keeping in touch

Gardens are living things, so it's a natural process for them to grow and evolve. Whilst we account for natural maturity of plants, it's not uncommon for clients to have queries after all the pens and spades have been packed up. Our projects work on an element of trust and rapport, and part of that is knowing that we're happy to help with any of your garden queries down the line.

As an immediate follow up service, we can write up a maintenance schedule to help structure how the garden is looked after. This is presented in a spreadsheet format, enabling you to quickly and easily navigate to what work is required at a given time of year, or searching specifically by plant. Our knowledge is the culmination of many years of gardening and working with plants, so you can have confidence in our schedules. But we don't go away, and welcome clients keeping in touch, especially if they have a query and want a little follow up advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Llevelo Garden Design?

At Llevelo Garden Design, our broad knowledge base is driven by a passion for clever design and outdoor spaces.

We are highly experienced in listening to clients' needs and delivering quality work. We work with integrity, and we aim to design the garden you would build for yourselves.

Our fees are fixed and are independent of your budget. We do not take any commissions from the contractors we work with, so you can have confidence in our independence and ability to work with your best interests in mind.

What if I don't like the designs or planting plans?

It is in the interest of both parties to deliver a design that you love. Our thorough questionnaire helps to really understand your preferences and lifestyle, and communication is key.

There are regular meetings to ensure plans are on track, and we make heavy use of imagery including CAD and hand drawn designs to ensure you have a clear idea of how your garden will look.

Will Llevelo complete the build?

Llevelo Garden Design specialises in the garden design and planning process. However, for an additional retainer, we are able to oversee construction. We do offer planting services for gardens which we have designed however.

Our services

Full Service Garden Design and fulfilment

For an end to end service, our garden design and project oversight options deliver a clear step by step plan and then co-ordination of the garden build.

Planting Plans

Our planting plans can be selected as a stand alone design service. We still put you at the centre of the design but work within the predefined borders to refresh the garden.

Planning Application

We are experienced in liaising with local authorities and delivering the details and specifications required. This service can be used either in conjunction with our design services or as a stand alone feature as required.

Commercial Garden Design

We know that time and value are key when it comes to commercial projects. That's why we focus on short lead times and value add when working with developers to increase saleability and kerb appeal.
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