Additional Garden Design Services

Lighting Plans

We always encourage clients to consider lighting in their garden particularly in areas which are often viewed from the house. Gardens can be a considerable sum so spending a small amount at the end of a project to ensure that the garden can be appreciated throughout the year and no matter the time of day seems like a good investment to us.

Furthermore, lighting is a wonderful way to create a subtle ambient atmosphere. Imagine sitting around your new fire pit after dinner with your statement trees gently uplight to create soft shadows up the stem or across their canopy. The warm glow of small spot lights nestled into planting ensures the space around you is gently lit to give that feeling of cosiness. Perhaps your statement wall is finished in a textured quartz cladding which has lighting to highlight the different textures.

Additional Garden Lighting Design by Llevelo Garden Designers London Hertfordshire Essex Suffolk

Lighting for safety (up or down steps) and security (motion sensors) is also a consideration for many, particularly so in front gardens.

We work with excellent suppliers who offer generous guarantees on their lights and parts so you have the confidence when investing in this stage.

We also understand the importance of a warm glow over the starkness of a harsh white light. Lumens versus wattage; understanding drivers and the value of correctly sealing junction boxes to prevent water damage are all details we will ensure are taken care of.

Additional Garden Lighting Design by Llevelo Garden Designers London Hertfordshire Essex Suffolk

Irrigation Plans

When the weather is as unpredictable as it is here in the UK, a plan for watering your new garden for the first few seasons is vital.

An irrigation system offers peace of mind and saves time in caring for your new plants. We offer a variety of items aimed at making the system as low maintenance as possible. For example, timers and rain sensors help manage the watering process throughout the season. The drip-line pipe we use is self cleaning and pressure compensating. This means that it won’t get clogged up with soil and that all the plants will have the same quantity of water regardless of how far down the line they are planted.